Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Try one more time.........

Yesterday I got an offer in the mail for a 12 week program through Jazzercise focusing on getting healthy. Something clicked when I got this and I immediately called to say I wanted to join! It's been FOREVER since I've been in any kind of organized exercise program and as my weight keeps climbing and the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk looming on the horizon I felt I needed to try one more time.

This morning I got up at 5am, got dressed and drove to the site. Luckily for me it's fairly close to my house. I got there, jumped right into class and sweated my butt off and OMG I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Since this is a 12 week program we have to document the progress from the beginning which means weighing and measuring :-) Many years back when Dr. Phil was just a guest on Oprah he wrote a book called "Life Strategies", one of the things that always stuck out is that you have to name it to claim it! So here it goes, I'm naming my beginning weight:

243 lbs

Wow! There I said it, I named it and now I'm claiming it! I don't like it and that's why I'm going to try one more time......more to come from less of me!

Weekly plan:
Class Thursday 4:45pm
Class Friday 5:30am

Exercise Info:
4/9/08 - Exercise Time 55min43sec
In The Zone - 32min30sec
Avg HR - 145 (Target 118/154)